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RM1000 – RM1500 per month | RM600 – RM1000 per week | RM120 – RM250 per day
RM2500 – RM3500 per month | RM900 – RM1800 per week | RM200 – RM400 per day
RM4000 – RM6000 per month | RM1200 – RM 2500 per week | RM350 – RM700 per day
RM4000 – RM8000 per month | RM2500 – RM3500 per week | RM750 – RM900 per day
RM1200 – RM1500 per month | RM500 – RM800 per week | RM100 – RM200 per day
RM4000 – RM6000 per month | RM1200 – RM2500 per week | RM350 – RM700 per day

For Safety Measures

We take precautions by sanitizing our cars.
Here’s one of our processes.

minimum 2 Days Rental

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Flexible Pick-Up
Brand New Vehicles
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Enquiry via Wechat / WhatsApp
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Step 2
Payment Upon Delivering of the Car


Step 3
Upon Delivery

Sign Agreement with following document: Photocopy of Driving License, Photocopy IC, Utilities Bill x1 Month