Here are some reasons why you should rent a car


Renting VS owning a car has always been a long-standing dilemma among many people. When you rent a car, you are paying for something that you do not own, so why rent a car? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons for you to head to your nearest car rental service company. Let us share with you today why renting a car might not be such a bad idea at all.



Let’s say you do own a vehicle. On top of the purchase price, you still have plenty of hidden costs that come along with the car. For example, you will have to take into account maintenance fees, repair fees, insurance, road taxes and more. These extra costs can quickly add up over time to become a pretty hefty amount. If you chose to rent a vehicle, you do not have to worry about depreciating car prices or maintenance costs.

If you live in an urban city where public transportation is easily accessible, you might not even need a car in the first place. You can always look for a car rental company nearby whenever you are planning for a weekend getaway. Which brings us to the next point.


Renting a car for your road trip

The next time you are planning a food-fueled road trip to Penang, or you just want to go on a fun ride to Genting Highlands, renting a car can be a great idea. First of all, driving long distances can cause plenty of wear and tear on your car.

Other than that, you can also avoid adding extra kilometres to your car odometer. Finally, you can even save up on some petrol by getting a rental car with better fuel efficiency. If these reasons are still not enough to make you go to your nearest car rental company, check out the next one on the list.


Special family outings

And no we do not mean that you should rent a luxury car just to impress a few relatives. When you have visiting family, relatives or friends, your own compact sedan might not be enough to bring everyone on board.

Buying a 7-seater just for the occasional family outing is definitely unrealistic. During these moments, you always have the option of renting a 7-seater or even 11-seaters if you have plenty in the family. In addition to fitting everyone in, you can even choose to let your family members enjoy the occasional luxury ride to town.

The real test drive experience

Ever wonder why you always end up with a lesser experience driving your new car compared to the test drive? This is because most car dealers will choose to let you test the vehicle on a pre-planned route. And needless to say, those routes are usually in excellent condition which means that you do not get to experience the “Malaysian” road experience. By “Malaysian” we mean plenty of speed bumps, potholes or uneven surfaces.

Renting the exact model that you are planning to buy for yourself gives you the freedom of experiencing driving on typical Malaysian roads. Get a genuine experience before making that crucial decision. And with Ideal Auto Rent, we have some of the widest selections of vehicles available from any car rental company in KL.


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