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About Us

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Established in June 2012 as a car rental company, Ideal Rent a Car is headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The company has a wide-range of medium-to-high-end MPVs, cars and vans that cater to the needs of individuals, enterprises, both local and overseas public institutions, social groups, hotels, CBDs and travel agencies. Customers can choose to rent our vehicles for the short- or long-term. We also provide other additional services such as airport transfer, business tour, chartered tour car rental and conference reception.

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Why Choose Us

Top reasons why we have more than 100 corporate clients
  • Direct Booking
    Why Direct Booking?

    Book directly with car rental providers like us to enjoy the best rate and tip-top service. Many car rental portals partner with local car rental providers, as such, they incur additional cost, making it difficult to compete with us.

  • Best Price
    Best Price

    As a car rental provider who owns our own fleet, we have the advantage of giving you the best possible price.

  • Upmost Conditions
    New Car, Well Kept!

    Most of our cars are less than 4 years old. They are well-kept, clean and most importantly have to pass our quality check before reaching our customers.

  • Extensive Experience
    Extensive of Experience

    We have gathered valuable experience since our inception in 2012 that enables us to provide you with the best service you can get from a car rental company in Malaysia.

  • 5 Star Service
    Small Local Brand But 5 Star Service

    Our company may not be big, but our heart is – we care about our customers more than anyone else. Talk to us if you have any special request, we are eager to make your trip to Malaysia a pleasant one.


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